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Website Redesign

Clients comes to us with different issues say low ranks in SEO, less conversion counts, site is not mobile friendly, possess less browsing and loading speeds etc. and happily go with the best and apt solutions. Being in the industry of website design and development services for over past few years, DayWerk is old enough to exactly sort out any of your website related needs efficiently.

In a dynamic and ever-evolving market economy, changes has to be welcomed, as they can only keep your business in progress. Then the most concern has to be given to the outlook of your website. Earlier, it was a one-step process to create a website for a particular entity or an industry. But now, as technology is moving faster than light, the stagnant nature of the sites could seriously affect one’s reputation and fame. There’s a genuine need to keep updating your website to be inclusive of latest technological trends. Our expert designers are well-equipped with the state-of-the-art techniques to revamp your website and the entire business outlook.

Clarity is to be given prior importance over volume. Hence, don’t over-fill your site with contents. But, then no need to worry about the new contents you wanted to add. Our team is well-aware of this, and considers this as the top concern while rendering website redesign services.

We truly appreciate visually appealing contents, but at the same time understands that website redesigning is not about adding and piling up it with lots of images and videos. Enhancing a website’s capability and practicality in all means, is what our ultimate aim is.

At DayWerk, a team of highly experienced and adroit designers are employed in customising and redesigning sites for our valued clients. Either the size or volume and field of your business doesn’t matter for us, we are capable to deliver you user-friendly, unique and appealing website design and development services.

We consider the exclusive and vital requirements of a client’s site and then form a suitable strategy to redesign it professionally along with evaluating and maintaining the main aspects in the present site. The faults are corrected or eliminated and more detailing is then applied. Hence, our services are unbeatable and has been availed by a large number of clients both from national and international sphere. Here also, we remember to make your site SEO compatible.

By optimising the old contents and adding more relevant fresh contents, our team makes each of the site they work with, result in generating more traffic and conversion rates being an easy-to-navigate, user friendly search engine optimised and moreover a visually appealing website.