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Sales and marketing collateral

With years of market and corporate experience, DayWerk is a leader in the service domains of Dubai, pertaining to sales and marketing. Its takes an intellectual and innovative mind to find the right method and convey your brand’s purpose across the target users at an appropriate time, using correct medium. Our team follows strong business strategies to achieve goals in precise manner and simultaneously increase your business gain to bigger foothold. With our market connexions and selling stratagems, your company will successfully be able to tap the market, develop your core area, boost up shares and reduce sales expenses.

It is immensely essential to have a detailed eye on a company’s financial and management aspects. We are armed with excellent workforce who can develop effective sales and marketing collateral materials which will aid your company to increase its revenue targets.

Sales: DayWerk ensures excellent performance through product sales – by having direct associations with the users in different fields like retail, education, business and government. Further, we establish healthy relationships with resellers as well as suppliers through our clients. Our sales procedures are controlled and evaluated at different levels of sales department, to maintain users’ demand. The sales procedures include assessment of the needs and requirements, establish customer relationships, controlling accounts, launching new products and its awareness, advanced knowledge and consistent analysis of market competition.

Marketing: The marketing team at DayWerk focuses on promotional strategies and comes up with distinct marketing programmes designed and customised according to different types of customers. We handle everything – from product launch event to its promotions on various mediums, incorporating attractive discounts or offers and other measures useful towards its denouement. By controlling our resources and establishing maximum user reach, we will ensure you an upper hand in ROI. DayWerk’s core areas include developing promotional concepts, event management, advertising procedures, public relations agendas, data management, placement of products and so on.

Our services concentrate on various departments pertaining to promotional mediums like advertisements, brochures, newsletters and so on; which will support in generating sales of your brand’s product. We have profound understanding of different technological products that enable us to rule the market space, with the help of highly advanced tools and techniques needed to drive up your business prospective.