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Landing Pages/ Email Templates

DayWerk is a renowned name when one search for the dedicated landing pages services.

Landing pages become inevitable when it comes to advancing in digital marketing. By merely posting blogs on a daily basis can’t help you get increased conversion rates. Being a tactic focusing the bottom of the funnel,   i.e. to acquire new customers, landing pages exert a greater impact on the growth of your financial assets and in turn the business as a whole.

But due to several reasons like difficulty and time required for its creation, ignorance of its improvisation and poor services received earlier etc. site publishers and owners are reluctant to use landing pages. With our best in class landing page techniques and tools, you will be enthralled to know that all these shortcomings can be easily dealt with.

Our team of developers invest only the right elements while building an effective landing page, after knowing its right purpose. It will be a true informative, of what all you are intending to tell the viewers, listed as a number of choices for them, to be specifically selected and read.

The email templates are the cornerstone in email marketing. It has to be impressive for both mind and brain. Messages should be clearly detailed in a very brief and precise manner. A professional appearance could give you a more business oriented perspective.

At DayWerk, we also design responsive email templates, to help you gain more leads and sales through mobile devices too. We are experts in developing customised and unique email templates suiting the type of message and purpose. We offer an entire range of services like changing the background, font styling or even colour mixing to make the email look beautiful and apt to be used in any online marketing campaigns. Our team are versatile enough to handle any of the trending technology or platforms to develop the best email templates.

Landing pages are also effective in gathering viewer’s email addresses which is significant for email marketing, the most economical marketing strategy these days. It establishes a one-to-one contact with customers without any difficulty in managing and controlling them. Hence, they are now, increasingly recommended with sales pages of any kind.

Right from collecting your viewer’s email addresses, DayWerk undertakes all your email marketing needs even managing the subscribers and unsubscribes, active and inactive mails etc. efficiently without requiring your time.

Just peek at our customised Landing Pages/ Email Templates services now.