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Facebook/LinkedIn PPC services

DayWerk is second to none in providing the advertising services in social media.

People have become ever more tech savvy these days with major share of time being spent on Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. The business people hence, realised the need to make use of these platforms to further boost their prospects. Either to increase the traffic or create a brand awareness, when wisely managed, these platforms have proved to validate this fact.

With competitors entering the online grounds, new strategies has to be devised for each marketer to win the customers, which facilitated them to move to paid services to reach potential buyers.

Facebook being the most common social media, Facebook advertising also known as Facebook PPC is the broadly adopted practise to market the products/services currently. With years of expertise in this area, DayWerk had served and is in association with a wide global consumer base. Our clients appreciate the quality of services worth the investment they had.

Similar to Facebook, LinkedIn is also a foremost social network and hence advertising within it can help your business to connect with a wide range of users. LinkedIn is preferably used in circumstances like B2B advertising, which targets only a specific group of people with similar job profiles, interests or qualifications etc. or when there is an intention not to reach out to a larger audience. DayWerk maintains particularly trained team exclusively for advertising with Facebook and LinkedIn, who irrespective of your business size, creates ads for brands which are engaging and thus enhances your online presence.

Combined with resourceful design, custom-made and targeted for your audience, DayWerk provides continual monitoring and reporting of the campaigns on a frequent manner.

Having a profound knowledge of the industry and the behaviour of audience after being offering services for past several years, DayWerk acknowledges the fact that each business and brand has to particularly choose its marketing platforms. Hence, we help our clients to expend only on those platforms which will increase their conversion rates over the other. Also, helps to make both Facebook and LinkedIn paid ad services beneficial to many companies, in several conditions.

Identifying and executing the appropriate strategies, made our services to be rated as the best amongst our clients from all industry verticals.

Interested to know more about DayWerk’s Facebook/LinkedIn PPC services? Get in touch with us.