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Explainer videos

Going by the facts and figures from some latest reports, it is known that an average user spends not more than 20 seconds on a website, if they cannot find a convincing reason to stay further. You then ought to take advantage of the initial seconds, giving him the purpose to be there on your site. To grab his attention within such a short span of time is quite challenging. The text and audio could not easily serve you the purpose. So, we can definitely help you to get hold of your audience minds with our elevated video animation services.

Whether a brilliant or boring idea, doesn’t matter if it is been presented as a sweet, short and pleasing story. Except a video presentation, what could be more effective then?

Animated explainer videos which includes both visuals and audio, clearly communicate your service or product to the viewer within few seconds. And as videos allow us to obtain more data in lesser time as compared to reading, your chance of winning the critical initial seconds and catching the users’ attention is exploited.

The animated videos are but not a children junk and so is not meant to be as cartoony as the Tom and Jerry like series. I hope most of the people may someday had a chance to view any kind of such explainer videos. But it’s not that easy to create one; it needs brilliant and creative skills. Creation is merely a start, one has strategize it as an on-going and requiring constant change process.

Several firms have also started to use explainer videos as a main part of in-house communication by making their utilisation in training and presentation purposes. We are expert animators in creating explainer videos perfect for enhancing leads and sales, corporate messaging, branding, on-boarding and educating. We have proven to be the ideal animated explainer video services providers with extensive coverage in production of

  • 2d animation and 3d animation video
  • Whiteboard-style animation video
  • Mid-roll and pre-roll videos
  • In-stream video ads
  • Mobile App and Web App demo video etc.

Our clients opined that our animated videos beats their opponents’ and thus helps them emphasis their brand messaging, maximise traffic and viewer engagement, inform, influence and transform that to be the champion. Daywerk weaves your story with the topmost level of care, and attention through a quality enhanced and useful video. The client satisfaction is our bigger reward and we value their business and money.