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AMP Website Development

DayWerk acknowledges both traditional and modern practises. Hence, is well informed of the recent drifts in the website development field like the trending AMP Website Development.

A state-of-the art initiative by Google, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is intended to make the mobile websites load at a faster speed. It is a great move towards making the images, video or ad contents visible along with the text in the site, so that the distraction caused by constant shifting of text as and when the former gets loaded gets eliminated. For which, the beneficiary list is an exhaustive one with the entire mobile society such as developers, publishers and the valued users.

The responsive web designs are more preferred these days, but somewhat the publishers was facing a serious dilemma of losing their ad partners and so a major revenue source. With AMP, it is now not a problem. A new addition, AMP Ad landing page (ALP) speeds up the user experience, by pre-loading its URL in the ad in the main website. One who clicks on an AMP ad, gets directed to the ALP.

Even though it mainly focusses on the user convenience, the AMP website simultaneously acts in effective revenue generation for the website developers and publishers. Also, it aims to provide sufficient space and freedom for ad developers by supporting a wide range of ad formats, links and technologies. Whether you are publisher or owner of a mobile website, DayWerk is eagerly waiting to help you get par with the situation. To know more about AMP Website Development, call us now.

We also ensure to design your AMP site rank higher on Search Engines like Google to take more financial advantage out of it. Without requiring any additional built-in features than a traditional HTML structure, the efficiency and returns of a site is boosted many folds. A large volume of contents are effortlessly handled by AMP structure making it accepted with great ease.

DayWerk acknowledged as the leader company in AMP website development services employs an expert team of designers and developers to tailor-make the client sites. As we are dedicated and committed to our clients and work, the successful completion of each project is mandatory for us as for the clients.

Our AMP web designs are in conjunction with the business goals of each client, to enhance their leads and sales through refined marketing strategies through their mobile and online presence.

Look at our testimonials and know about the uniqueness and speciality of our designs. Feel free to write to us and know more about AMP web design and development services.